My Story

I signed up with Scentsy in July 2015. I originally signed up to get my own discount and to have something to keep me occupied when my husband was away at work. Since then, I have earned two incentives! The first one was an all expenses paid trip to Disneyworld in June 2016!!! The second was a summer incentive earning a Scentsy tablet, carry case and keyboard.

I never would have imagined that Scentsy would have become such a huge part of my life! It has given me the chance to travel FOR FREE and to meet people I never would have met if I didnt sign up.

I am lucky enough to work with a team of girls I went to high school with! Some of us have moved to different areas in Canada, but Scentsy has brought us back together! The motivation and encouragement my team gives me is why I am so successful as a Scentsy consultant!

Joining Scentsy is was like joining a family. I cant imagine life without my Scentsy family. I have met so many wonderful people along the way. Customers that turned into friends, and friends that turned into family.

I would love to have you join my team and experience all Scentsy has to offer! At the moment I am working towards earning a Mediterranean cruise to Spain Italy and France!!